Weather Forecasting For Environmental Related Projects

Washington State Stormwater Forecast
Brown and Caldwell, Washington

Frankly, I find those free forecasts very vague and quite often not accurate. That is why we choose your service. Your accuracy is second to none. Accurate forecasts were critical to us since if we had bad weather data we would have wasted thousands of dollars in running our stormwater tests. Thus, you saved us thousands.

Todd Hymel
Seattle, WA

I will continue to recommend your weather services to other construction related firms.

Gary Smith – Independent Business Association
Redmond, WA

You have earned the respect and confidence of the high level officials responsible for calling burn bans with your outstanding weather analysis and forecasting.

Forensic Analysis of Historical Weather Data

GordonDerr LLP
Seattle, WA

I would recommend your firm to anyone need a forensic meteorologist or someone needs an expert meteorologist for any legal proceeding.

March 6, 2008
Peter Deming Attorney at Law
Kent, WA

Thanks for your work on stormwater discharge case that you helped me with. Your extensive research on 100 year rain events and your detailed analysis of rainfall data was excellent. We also appreciated Dr. Witiw’s court testimony. If the occasion arises again we will certainly use your services.

Peter Deming

Mountain forecasting for expeditions

Berg Adventures International
Canmore, Alberta

Not only was I impressed with these forecasts but also our climbing Sherpas’ found your forecasts very valuable and that was the first time they liked an “outsider’s” forecasts.

Cale Hoopes
Redmond, WA

Your forecasts were extremely accurate (Denali)and greatly assisted in the successful summits of 3 of our members.

Doug Chabot – Avalanche Forecaster
Bozeman, MT

We were successful on the first ascent of Hispar Sar (ca. 6,000 meters) in the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan, due in no small part to your accurate forecasts.

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