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Weather Related Aircraft Accident Investigations

Dr. Witiw is considered the expert in aviation meteorology. Weather and historical data reviewed are: Upper air soundings, SIGWX Charts, PIREP.s, 300 mb maps, 500 mb maps and many other upper air charts.

Dr. Witiw has over 30 years experience in aviation meteorology including his career as a US Air Force officer. Dr. Witiw currently is an associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide.

Severe Weather Damage Reports

There is much debate about climate change and whether it has caused an increase in severe weather events. Regardless of the cause, there have been more reports of severe storms in recent years. A common occurrence is thunderstorms which can produce hail, lightning, straight winds (over 80 mph), flash floods to name a few. Of course there are tornados and hurricanes that are included on this list.

The bottom line our team of experts has experience in these severe weather analysis. Dr. Witiw was part of the Hurricane Hunters team while he served in the Air Force and this experience is invaluable to our analysis. Our team of experts has experience in data analysis for thunderstorms,tornados,hurricanes, and other major events.

Past Winter Weather Damage and Accidents

past-winter-weather-damageBlizzards, floods, severe winds, ice storms, avalanches, and frost damage to crops are just some of the harsh weather conditions that the jet stream can bring in during the winter. On a smaller scale, but just as important, are personal injury accidents because of ice that might be on the sidewalk. Not so obvious is lack of snow caused by a big ridge of high pressure that forms in the Western US and brings dry and mild conditions. Since many cities get their summer water from the snowmelt in the mountains there can be drought conditions.

Lawsuits and big insurance claims can quickly follow winter weather conditions. Weather data analysis of the jet stream’s location, and reviewing weather data that is archived with major governments on a worldwide basis is critical.

Historical Weather Data

Discover how our skilled, experienced meteorologists employ historical weather data state-of-the-art technology to recreate weather conditions at any given time. The beginning of the National Weather Service we know today started on February 9th, 1870, and it was within the Department of War. Some people claim that you can get weather data from this period. However our data research is more contemporary and we obtain most of our weather data from the NCDC , part of NOAA

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