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06 Nov

Cyclones-Typhoons-Tornadoes-Fujiwhara Effect

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Cyclones-Typhoons-Tornadoes-Fujiwhara Effect.  The Fujiwhara effect became of a subject of meteorology in 1921, when Japanese Meteorologist Sakuhei Fujiwhara focused on the movements of whirlpools and other vortices and then researched the physics present when they approach each other. A similar phenomenon is possible when atmospheric vortices merge. Many weather features, including generic Lows and winter weather

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12 Oct

La Niña Winter

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La Niña Winter. 2017-18 Northwest Cascade snow outlook. Want snow? It’s shaping up to be a good late autumn and winter for an abundance to cover the slopes of Washington’s Olympics and Cascades. It’s time for ski resorts and skiers alike to get ready. El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) prediction ensemble members are agreeing on cool

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08 Aug

Weather Insurance

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Weather Insurance. With the surge in near record heat across the West US. It is perhaps timely to review possible heat induced losses for residences and vehicles. Obviously, wildfires carry their own hazards but what about plain old hot weather? How can excessive heat cause damage that may trigger insurance claims? Are there limitations on

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26 Mar

Water Rights

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Managing Western Water Rights. Take a critical element to life, add in its limited and weather dependent cycle, throw in jurisdictions from several states, the Federal Government and Native American tribes, large cities which demand huge flows of said resource, conservation requirements, environmental groups, farmers, ranchers and orchard growers and you have a start, barely,

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23 Feb

Heavy Rain- Atmospheric River

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The description, Atmospheric River, formerly known as Pineapple Express or the even older, Pineapple Pipeline, refers to the flow of moisture, heavy rain, originating in the sub tropical Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. Flows of this nature are carried in a stream, guided by the Jet Stream and high and low pressure gradients towards the West

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27 Oct

Winter Weather Forecast

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Every fall the big question is what will this winter weather forecast bring? Forecasting three days, or even seven days has become quite accurate in general. Going out three months however, the record leaves a lot to be desired for many of the recent forecasts. Here in the Northwest skiers want to know how much

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15 Oct


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Fog formation accidents compose 24% of all aviation accidents. The monetary impact of accidents, injuries, delays and unexpected costs from fog is about $720 million annually. Visibility of less than one mile – called fog – is far more obstructive than mists – visibilities greater than one mile. Most accidents aren’t from hitting structures protruding

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18 Sep

Water Scarcity

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Water Scarcity in the West Coast of the US is a big issue. In the simplest terms, there’s not enough water to meet the demands of the population and economy of the west. The two sources of water, surface and ground, are interconnected in so many ways it takes a hydrologist to understand it and

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