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15 Oct


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Fog formation accidents compose 24% of all aviation accidents. The monetary impact of accidents, injuries, delays and unexpected costs from fog is about $720 million annually. Visibility of less than one mile – called fog – is far more obstructive than mists – visibilities greater than one mile. Most accidents aren’t from hitting structures protruding

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11 Mar

How Midwestern blizzards are born

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How Midwestern blizzards are born. A Midwestern blizzard, the most common type, is born when a cyclonic, deep low spins next to a very cold, very high-pressured anticyclonic Canadian air mass while it pushes southeasterly into the upper Midwest. If the pressure gradient between the two air masses tightens, wind speeds increase. Moisture in the

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14 Jul

Frontal Squall Lines

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Frontal squall lines form just ahead of surface cold fronts and dry lines, and also ahead of upper-level fronts. If the necessary conditions exist, they may stretch to hundreds of miles in length. They may bring tornadoes and hail but they’re more commonly associated with strong straight-line winds. If the flow along a squall line

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