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08 Jun

West Coast Rain

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West Coast Rain US can be heavy during the summer and especially for the desert Southwest. The reason is the annual North American Monsoon season which mainly impacts the desert Southwest of the United States and the Sonoran region of Northern Mexico. The damage is caused from the severe thunderstorms and strong winds that occur

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23 Feb

Heavy Rain- Atmospheric River

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The description, Atmospheric River, formerly known as Pineapple Express or the even older, Pineapple Pipeline, refers to the flow of moisture, heavy rain, originating in the sub tropical Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. Flows of this nature are carried in a stream, guided by the Jet Stream and high and low pressure gradients towards the West

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21 Aug

Strong El Niño – Floods for California

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An atmospheric river flowing into California. Image courtesy of NOAA Strong El Niño – Floods for California: are they correlated? El Niño can impact California greatly but it does not promise flooding, nor rain. It instead promises a shifting of the region’s atmospheric currents. Strong El Niños (1.5°C or more of warming), however, are strong

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