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30 Oct

Hurricane Damage

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Hurricane Damage, Pacific Hurricane Patricia strongly impacted not only North America but also the record books. Perhaps the most dangerous of her many notable traits was the brevity of the warning that she was going to churn into such a monster. Explosive intensification due to prime environmental conditions didn’t occur until two days after she

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13 Oct

Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM)

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Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM). Since 1957, the American Meteorological Society has been recognizing the world’s premier scientific minds in the field of meteorology by certifying consulting meteorologists as having high standards of technical competence, professional character and field-related experience. Those who’ve earned the Certified Consulting Meteorologist certification are recognized worldwide as experts and as possessing

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27 Sep

El Nino & Snow Washington Cascades

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Introduction- Old Farmers Almanac Says El Nino & Snow Washington Cascades is a phase that tends to frighten skiers since below normal snowfall usually occurs. However, do not despair (I think), according to the Old Farmers Almanac: “Winter (Northwest) will be cooler and rainier than normal, with above-normal snowfall. The stormiest periods will be throughout

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24 Sep

Custom Weather Forecast

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Custom Weather Forecast: When weather is an important threat, there is often value in obtaining a customized weather forecast. National weather offices assemble thousands of regional and global weather forecasts but they’re often too general to be reliable for specific locales. When severe weather forms or accuracy particularly matters, the additional considerations included in a

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21 Aug

Strong El Niño – Floods for California

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An atmospheric river flowing into California. Image courtesy of NOAA Strong El Niño – Floods for California: are they correlated? El Niño can impact California greatly but it does not promise flooding, nor rain. It instead promises a shifting of the region’s atmospheric currents. Strong El Niños (1.5°C or more of warming), however, are strong

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