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28 Dec

Historical Weather Data

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An often overlooked area for legal and civil actions is the role the forensic meteorologist plays in reviewing Historical Weather Data. Advice and historical references can play a large part in the reconstruction of conditions at specific times and places from the records available. Interpretation of these records can illuminate local weather conditions that may

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22 Nov

Rogue Waves

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Rogue Waves – also known as episodic, abnormal, extreme, freak, monster and killer waves – are more than twice the average height of the tallest third of a region’s waves. The threat, posed in oceans and large lakes, appears unexpectedly swiftly, can be responsible for thousands to millions in damages and claim dozens of lives.

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06 Nov

Airline Accidents Update

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Airline Accidents Updates and injuries and the first thing you think about is fatalities. Late October (2016) there were two different aircraft accidents one in Chicago at O’Hare and the other in Fort Lauderdale Florida occurred. Thankfully no fatalities occurred. Two different types of aircraft were in use, two carriers but some at least superficial

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27 Oct

Winter Weather Forecast

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Every fall the big question is what will this winter weather forecast bring? Forecasting three days, or even seven days has become quite accurate in general. Going out three months however, the record leaves a lot to be desired for many of the recent forecasts. Here in the Northwest skiers want to know how much

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15 Oct


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Fog formation accidents compose 24% of all aviation accidents. The monetary impact of accidents, injuries, delays and unexpected costs from fog is about $720 million annually. Visibility of less than one mile – called fog – is far more obstructive than mists – visibilities greater than one mile. Most accidents aren’t from hitting structures protruding

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18 Sep

Water Scarcity

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Water Scarcity in the West Coast of the US is a big issue. In the simplest terms, there’s not enough water to meet the demands of the population and economy of the west. The two sources of water, surface and ground, are interconnected in so many ways it takes a hydrologist to understand it and

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06 Aug


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The Californian Wildfires of 2016 could get huge. California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) calls the disaster that started in Monterey County the Soberanes fire. It’s now known to have started on July 22, 2016 at an estimated 8:48 AM when a campfire near the Soberanes Canyon Trail got out of control. The

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