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13 Jul

Hurricanes- Pacific

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Hurricanes- Pacific. Pacific hurricanes are only different from Atlantic hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons because of where they occur. When the symmetrically identical atmospheric engines develop east of 180°F and north of the Equator, they’re called Pacific hurricanes. How busy is the Eastern Pacific Ocean? Pacific hurricanes are a virtually annual occurrence and typically there are

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23 Jun

Wildfires – Summer Safety and Firewise

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Wildfires – Summer Safety and Firewise. While wildfires, forest, brush or scrub land fires happen year round the hot summer season is the peak time, especially in the West, but throughout the country. The Firewise Program, a joint venture between insurance companies along with federal, state and local communities is a proactive attempt to mitigate harm

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08 Jun

West Coast Rain

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West Coast Rain US can be heavy during the summer and especially for the desert Southwest. The reason is the annual North American Monsoon season which mainly impacts the desert Southwest of the United States and the Sonoran region of Northern Mexico. The damage is caused from the severe thunderstorms and strong winds that occur

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22 May

Earthquakes: Seattle-Weather-Damages

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Earthquakes: Seattle-Weather-Damages. Can the atmosphere trigger earthquakes? There are multiple kinds of forces derived from atmospheric changes but are they strong enough to influence the movements of the tectonic plates? Transitions between types of weather – rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc. – have no known effect on earthquakes. Sometimes, however, the reason scientists aren’t

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08 May

El Niño

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El Niño. Will Summer 2017’s El Niño intensify severe weather in the US? Perhaps, if and when it does arrive. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has been Neutral (within 0.5°C of the mean annual temperature) since January and will most likely stay the same through at least June. We’re in the spring ENSO predictability

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26 Mar

Water Rights

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Managing Western Water Rights. Take a critical element to life, add in its limited and weather dependent cycle, throw in jurisdictions from several states, the Federal Government and Native American tribes, large cities which demand huge flows of said resource, conservation requirements, environmental groups, farmers, ranchers and orchard growers and you have a start, barely,

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23 Feb

Heavy Rain- Atmospheric River

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The description, Atmospheric River, formerly known as Pineapple Express or the even older, Pineapple Pipeline, refers to the flow of moisture, heavy rain, originating in the sub tropical Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. Flows of this nature are carried in a stream, guided by the Jet Stream and high and low pressure gradients towards the West

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03 Jan

Forensic Meteorology

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Forensic Meteorology. Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) brings weather to the courtroom. Earning the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Consulting Meteorologist certification opens the door for the world’s premier meteorologists to exercise their technical competence, professional character and field experience in weather-related legal cases. Only a couple hundred are present in the AMS’ directory. Less than eight

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28 Dec

Historical Weather Data

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An often overlooked area for legal and civil actions is the role the forensic meteorologist plays in reviewing Historical Weather Data. Advice and historical references can play a large part in the reconstruction of conditions at specific times and places from the records available. Interpretation of these records can illuminate local weather conditions that may

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